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Shenzhen super-Xin Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, located in Longhua Road brilliant Qing Hua Xinmin Technology Park, is a professional PCBA product design and development, production and marketing, electronic technology and technical services of high-tech enterprises.


Founded nine years ago, and always adhere to "create high-end integrated circuit high-tech innovation-oriented enterprises," created for the development goals committed with the development and application of intellectual property core technology PCBA. Currently, the company has built an independent research center, has an experienced management and PCBA core technology research and development team, we made a number of invention patents, establish and improve a set of circuit design, program development, model making, validation testing as one of the function of the R & D system.


The company owned a mature technology, advanced equipment, operation and management science, production systems and comprehensive modernization of production facilities. Existing five production lines, using imported high-precision SMT / reflow soldering equipment, product quality and quality improvement provides hardware protection. As a result of its own research and development of "CCX super-Xin" brand technology, PCBA production process "SMT" and "DIP" and other major production process has been achieved robotic automation and product testing procedures pipeline technology upgrades, technology performance close to the most advanced high density interconnect technology (HDI), circuit performance and energy efficiency of products and superior performance.


We always adhere to the "high quality, feature strong, personalized" principle, independent research and development and technological innovation, customer service excellence, strict product quality. Product performance and reliable, high quality, exquisite appearance, in line with international IS9001 quality certification system, to give the European Union CE certification, FCC certification, MEC certification, ROHS certification and to assist a number of Apple products manufacturing plant is eligible for "Apple MFi certification."


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